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 Sunday, 03 February 2013
Sunday, 03 February 2013 12:00:28 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( flowers | interactive | life cycles | plants | reproductive processes )

On your Flower Dissection Lab, draw an example of each item #10-14 as seen under a high power microscope (i.e. Scanning Electron Microscope, Scanning Tunneling Electron Microscope)

Lily like the example flower provided by Mrs. Fischer in class:

Did you use a different flower?  They might have it on this page (once on the link, you click on the flower's photo to get more details about the flower) :

Additional images of pollen for #18 (select one picture to sketch):

Go to the following links in the order listed.  Once you have completed the links, you may start the MI high interactive which is below the links. Below each link is a statement to copy onto the back of your binder paper & complete.

Seedless plants:


1. For moss to reproduce sexually it requires ______ to transport sperm to eggs.
2. The sporophyte generation of a moss is ____ & produces spores.  (hint: answer is either diploid or haploid)

Seed Plants:

Life cycle of gymnosperm:

3. In the gymnosperm, the male cone is called a _____, the female cone is called a ____.

How seeds travel:

4. Some plants reproduce using seeds, which must move from the plant to a new location.  To move the seed, some plants rely on the wind, ____, ____, ____.  Coconuts use ___ to move, while dandelions use ___, and apples ______________________________.   Some plants have their seeds catch a ride on an animal like cattails, burdocks and ______.

Life cycle of angiosperm:

5. A plant that has a ___ is an angiosperm which means ________.  Inside the flower, the carpel is made up of ____________________________________, and is the female part of the plant.  Meiosis takes place in the _____ and ____ of the flower.  The pollen grain carries ______ and enter through the pollen tube.  A seed is formed which will g_________ later.

*Parts of an angiosperm:

6. Draw and label the reproductive parts of an angiosperm.

*= this is a site from the United Kingdom, the flower parts they emphasize are a little different.

MI interactive on parts of a flower & zaping seeds before they spread:   (Turn in your packet with the 4 pages of of flower related work paper before doing the interactive below)


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