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Homework Week of Aug. 29, 2011



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 Monday, 29 August 2011
Monday, 29 August 2011 10:11:02 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( 6th grade | 7th grade | Back to School Night | Beginning of the Year )

Homework for all periods:

Monday night Tuesday night Wednesday night do this Thursday night for Friday
Friday night

all classes:  Read textbook (TB) p. 34-37.  Reminder: lab donation




 all classes: Read textbook (TB) p. 38-41.  Reminder: lab donation




all classes: Finish classwork & Send parent to school for Back to School Night (tonight - starts @ 6:30 in first period classes)

Parents & Guardians: Unable to attend Back to School Night?  Check link for a copy of my parent handout: 6.7.B2SNHandout2011.pdf (125.01 KB)

6th graders: Bring in a map

7th graders: Bring in something to go under microscope



all classes: Finish classwork

7th graders: shading to identify the parts of the microscope

6th graders: think about what the contour lines would look like on a topographic map for the places you find yourself this weekend .... steep slopes have close contour lines; flat or gradual slopes have contour lines that are far apart.  No writing required.





As of Monday night, your student should have homework for the entire week written into their planner.  This way, if there is an event going on one night, or if they do not have a lot of homework one night, they can get ahead for another night, allowing students to students plan accordingly & demonstrate increased responsibility.  I will try to continue posting the homework for the entire week on Monday, but this is not always possible.