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Week of Aug 17, 2009



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 Wednesday, 12 August 2009
Wednesday, 12 August 2009 16:12:51 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( Beginning of the Year )

Welcome back from summer vacation!   

I hope everyone is well rested & ready for a fantastic beginning to middle school & the 6th grade!  Below I will list the homework for the week; the day that an assignment is listed represents that evenings homework.  You should assume the assignment is due the next day unless otherwise listed.  Unfinished classwork is homework unless stated otherwise (it will not necessarily show up on the class website, students will need to be responsible for remembering to complete classwork).  Some of the handouts are also posted for download as .pdf files. 

In general, I try to list the week's homework on Mondays so students & famalies may plan ahead if/when there is a busy week.   When there are changes to the homework, additional instructions, or updates to assigned work during the week, I try my best to update the information online before I go home for the evening.  Students are encouraged do work in advance if there is a family function or other obligation on a school night (such as a test, or a large project due mid-week for another class). 

Welcome to 6th grade Science!

More information to be posted as we approach the beginning of the school year!

M 8.17- Complete the 3-2-1 Bret Harte Lab Safety Contract Homework (download: 321LabSafetyContractHW.pdf (45.81 KB) ) and

Have parents/guardian check over your pre-printed emergency form, make any necessary changes and parent/guardian signs form; student returns form to 1° teacher.

Reminders for Monday:

    • Bring the Course Information handout and the Bret Harte Lab Safety Contract to class every day.
    • Science Permission & Information / Data sheet due by Thursday, Aug. 20 - Permission & Information side is to be filled out by parent/guardian and signatures required
    • Supplies listed on Course Description are due by Monday, Aug. 24; this week I expect you to bring pencil/pen, numerous sheets of binder paper and a folder (or binder with dividers) every day this week.  Next week I expect the supplies listed (planner, binder/folder, binder paper, pencils AND pens, etc.) to be in your backpack every day.

T 8.18- Finish classwork & Complete Science Permission & Information / Data sheet due Thursday
         (This was the Name the Tools of a Scientist page - reading the thermometer and measuring using cm and mm)

W 8.19- Finish classwork & Complete Science Permission & Information / Data sheet due tomorrow.
        (This was the Sponge Bob story titled "Scientific Method- Science Safety Rules")

R 8.20- Finish lab safety "poster" (due Friday as you enter the room)
    I'll be looking for the following things, check your work to be sure it is complete:
           ___Safety rule written out completely (copy it from the Bret Harte Lab Safety Contract) with rule number
           ___One illustration labeled "DO"  (showing someone following the lab safety rule; being safe)
           ___One illustration labeled "DON'T" (showing someone NOT following the lab safety rule; being un-safe)
           ___Creative, neat & colorful

F 8.21- Get your supplies & go for walk with a family member (you can measure how far you walked with gmaps pedometer)!

Important Documents (will be distributed in class but you may click to download .pdf versions):

SciDataPermisSlip081.pdf (139.23 KB)

FischerCourseDescription.pdf (150.05 KB)  -->  contains list of required supplies

BHLabSafetyContractV08.pdf (343.11 KB)