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 Monday, 28 August 2006
Monday, 28 August 2006 16:51:40 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )
M 8/28- What is Science? ... Write 2 paragraphs (5 sentences each) to answer the question: "What is Science?" Questions which might help you as you write: What is a Scientitst? What have I learned in Science already? What will I learn? How is science used in my daily life?

T 8/29- Sponge Bob Lab Safety Story ... Read the Sponge Bob Lab Safety Story. Use sentences and pictures (cartoon style) to show what is happening in the story in 8 frames.

W 8/30- B2SN & Catch Up ... Give parents back to school night information. (Tonight!) Make up or finish any incomplete assignment.

R 8/31- Safety Pre-Test ... Take Safety Pre-Test at home.

F 9/1- Identify Unsafe Behaviors... On the white paper with 2 pictures of people being unsafe in science lab, identify unsafe behaviors. (Bonus: Draw a picture of students being unsafe in the science lab, write 5 rules that they are breaking)
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 Wednesday, 23 August 2006
Wednesday, 23 August 2006 16:56:58 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )
M, T - No School Yet, Enjoy the rest of your summer! W 8/23- Student Data Sheet with Parent Signature ... Finish filling out the Yellow Student Data Sheet. Have parents fill out the back side and sign.

R 8/24- Art project and standards, 5 sentences ... Read the 7th grade Science Standards, copy at least 2 of the sub-standards (word for word) and tell how they relate to our art project in 5 sentences.

F 8/25- Get materials ... These are the materials you will need every day: -- 2 sharpened pencils -- Black or dark blue ink pen -- Binder Reminder -- Binder with dividers -- Binder Paper -- Homework. On the green sheet I mention having a spiral notebook but that is no longer required for my class as long as students are able to keep their notes in the Science section of their binder.
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