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 Monday, 30 October 2006
Monday, 30 October 2006 15:37:41 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )
M 10/30- Review and Reinforce 18-4

T 10/31- Have a happy and safe Halloween

W 11/1- Finish "What I got wrong and why" ...Students got back the Surprise Quiz given on Monday (corrected), we went over the correct answers. To make up 1/2 of the points missed, students are to write the following for each incorrect question: (1) What I got wrong (the word which was the correct answer AND the question/definition) (2) Why I got it wrong (a reason for getting the question wrong). This is to be turned in as part of the portfolio #2.

R 11/2- Get Portfolio Together & Study! ...Portfolio #2 (Nutrition and Digestion) assignment sheet was handed out today, along with Review Sheet #1. Corrections to the Portfolio Assignment sheet: (1) due date is the 9th since there is no school on the 10th; (2) "Guided Reading Questions" should be named "Guide for Reading"

Test date: Wednesday, November 8.

F 11/1- Get Portfolio Together and study!
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 Monday, 23 October 2006
Monday, 23 October 2006 15:43:57 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )
M 10/23- Finish Questions on "Saliva Makes it Sweet" Lab (We did the lab in class, complete the results and conclusion based on your experiences.)

T 10/24- "Chew on This" (p. 36 in packet) Use digestive system vocabulary to complete the magic square on the "Chew on This"

W 10/25- Review and Reinforce 18-1

R 10/26- Review and Reinforce 18-2

F 10/27- Review and Reinforce 18-3

This week in class, we have been answering the questions in the workbook on the topics we have been learning about (Nutrition and Digestion). Students are working to complete pages 185-194 in the workbook, which are from chapter 18, sections 1 through 4 and the review. This is done in class (due to the textbook shortage, I have not sent home textbooks). If a student is falling behind (for reasons which may include reading difficulties, and/or not using their time wisely), I am here afterschool on Fridays until 4; students may come in and work at that time. Homework center also has copies of textbooks for students to use.
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 Monday, 16 October 2006
Monday, 16 October 2006 15:55:46 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )
M 10/16- "The Digestive System" Label the major organs from the digestive system.

T 10/17- "Go the Digestive Distance" Unscramble the letters to find the organ! Do not do the graphing yet, we will make the graph in class tomorrow.

W 10/18- "How the Digestive System Works" (p.31 only) Use the word bank above to complete the sentences explaining how the digestive system works.

R 10/19- p. 32 (backside of "How the Digestive System Works") Use the word bank from the other side to complete the sentences explaining how the digestive system works.

F 10/20- No school for students.
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 Monday, 09 October 2006
Monday, 09 October 2006 16:03:59 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )
M 10/9- Bring in a food nutrition label ...(credit given with stamp on the Nutrition/Digestion packet)

T 10/10- Complete "Product information", and "Comparing Food Lables" We started these in class; these two pages are in our Nutrition/Digestion packet given on Monday.

W 10/11- Complete "Healthy Essentials" This page is in our Nutrition/Digestion packet given on Monday, we took notes about these on Wednesday.

R 10/12- Complete "Eating Healthy" This page is in our Nutrition/Digestion packet given on Monday.

F 10/13- Jog-a-Thon Today! Do not bring backpacks. If a student is participating in the Jog-a-Thon, try not to wear white t-shirts on Friday (they become see-through when wet and are inappropriate)
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 Monday, 02 October 2006
Monday, 02 October 2006 16:10:55 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )
M 10/2- Bone Review sheet for test on 10/6 ... Review sheet given out (by sub) during class for students to complete and use to study for Friday's test. Due as part of the portfolio on the 6th.

T 10/3- Study & Bone Muscle Unit Portfolio ... Put all assignments listed (in order) on the Bone Muscle Unit Portfolio sheet. Return on Friday for points. Friday is the last day of the grading period!

Also, study for test on Friday about the bones and muscles. Use your study guide and the work from your portfolio.

W 10/4- Muscle Fatigue Lab Questions ... Finish conclusion questions from Muscle Fatigue lab (lab done in class) and put into portfolio.

R 10/5- Review crossword puzzle... Crossword puzzle given in class (by sub) as review of the bone and muscle unit.... will not be collected.

Homework: Study, Portfolio ... 1. Portfolio due Friday 2. Study!!

F 10/6- Portfolio #1 on Bones and Muscles is due today, Test today!
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