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Homework Week of 8.27
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 Wednesday, 22 August 2007
Wednesday, 22 August 2007 09:48:50 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( Beginning of the Year )

T: Share handouts with parents/guardians; signatures due by Thursday on:

(1) Science Permission & Information Slip,
(2) both copies of the Bret Harte Lab Safety Contract;
you may wish to sign the calendar (it will be checked when the Notebook is collected).

W: Signatures due by Thursday.
         "My Science Resume" is due by Friday.
         Supplies due by Tuesday.

R: "My Science Resume" is due by Friday. Supplies due by Tuesday.

F: Enjoy the 3 day weekend! Supplies due by Tuesday.  Show Bronco and SJUSD handbooks to parents/guardians.  (Handed out first period)  Return signature papers to fifth period teacher on Tuesday.


(Please note: these assignments are for all classes, including 6th and 7th graders.  In future weeks, assignments which are not common among the grade levels, will be identified by either class period or grade level.  If specific grade level or periods are not indicated, the assignment is for all classes.)

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Wednesday, 22 August 2007 09:28:02 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( Beginning of the Year )

Below are files of the handouts I gave the first day of school to students. Hope to see everyone at Back to School Night!

FischerGreenSheet071.pdf (648.96 KB) (Course Information Handout)

BHLabSafetyContractV07.pdf (343.32 KB) (Lab Safety Contract- two copies were given, both need to be signed, one will be collected, the other will stay in the studetnt's binder.)

StudentDataPermiSheet071.pdf (260.29 KB) (Student Data Sheet and Information/Permission Sheet)

ScienceResume1.pdf (164.65 KB) (Science Resume assignment will be handed out on Wednesday, it is due Friday)

SciCalendar11.pdf (201.45 KB) (Calendar showing important dates for quizzes, tests, project due dates, etc. for the first 6 weeks of Science; advance notice will be given to students and posted here if/when the due dates or assessment dates are changed.  The calendar should be signed, and kept in the notebook, however I suggest making a photocopy or printing it out and posting on a fridge.)

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