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 Monday, 24 September 2007
Monday, 24 September 2007 15:18:44 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

M 9.24- 6th grade- "Pre-Test on Tools" take the test as if it is the actual thing (from memory; no notes) see how much you remember.  Then correct it with red pen.  If it's spelled wrong, or incorrectly identified,  you need to study that tool!  Grading expectations for Project #1 was distributed today; it will be done completely in class.  
    7th grade- Answer quiz reflection questions.

T 9.25- All students- Information for Notebook check #1 was distributed today.  It includes a check off list for the assignments (also in the order for which they should appear) with the sections in which they belong.  It is due Thursday.  Please remember to use a separate binder (from your other classes) because I will not be able to return them in a rapid manner. 
          6th grade Notebook table of contents is here: 6.NBCheck1.pdf (85.32 KB)
          7th grade Notebook table of contents is here: 7.NBCheck1.pdf (118.96 KB)


W 9.26- All students- study for tomorrow's test!  It is about the same topics as last weeks quiz, it also covers density and lab safety.  Notebooks are due at the beginning of the period. 

R  9.27- Since we took the test today, there is no homework (unless you still need to turn in your notebook/binder for the check -2 points per day late).... tomorrow is the last day work is being accepted for the grading period.

F 9.28- Go for a walk with your family or friends. 

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 Thursday, 20 September 2007
Thursday, 20 September 2007 18:57:55 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

Our class has a pet!  He is temporarily being called "No Name Monkey" because each time a student turns in work without a name on it, he gets the points.  Stop in the classroom for a running total of points given away by students.  Once he accrues 1,000 points, he is ready to be promoted to the next grade level!


7th graders named our fish, "Fish Sticks", and other classes were disappointed that they did not get a say in naming it.  Since we now have a new pet, the "No Name Monkey", he needs a name!  If you'd like to suggest a name for him,  click on "Comments" below (lower right corner of this text box) and leave a suggestion for us to consider.  To ensure privacy (since people outside of our school read this) do not leave your email, and use your initials with the class period you're in instead of your name.  All comments must be approved by myself before they will appear on our site.  Please keep all suggestions school appropriate, with correct spelling.  Thank you!

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 Friday, 14 September 2007
Friday, 14 September 2007 20:10:28 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

M 9/17- 6th grade- Measurement Code (both sides); Quiz Friday
      7th grade- Project #1 due Wednesday.  (should have finished Measurement Code and the back side in class; if not, they are homework) 

T 9/18- 6th grade- evens on Metric System Practice (all of back side too) was written on the board; however, the notes I gave to 1° and 2° did not match the type of math without it being confusing.  As a result, 6th grade HW is only the backside tonight, which is called "Looking for Grams"  To help, use the following information, all of these are equivalent. 
     1 gram = 0.001 kilogram = 0.01 hectogram = 0.1 dekagram = 1 gram = 10 decigram = 100 centigram = 1000 milligram.
  7th grade- Project #1 due tomorrow
  all- Quiz Friday.

W 9/19- 6th grade- Measuring Liquids (front only)
      7th grade-Measuring Liquids (front only)

R 9/20- all classes Metric System Practice Problems (show work with moving the decimal!).... Quiz tomorrow is on 1. metric system prefixes and their meanings, 2. converting between metric units [example: 3 cm = ___ km], 3. tools of a scientist, 4. parts of a balance, 5. how to use a balance [be able to explain how to find the mass of an object], 6. how to measure volume using a beaker/ graduated cylinder/ Erlenmeyer flask, 7. estimate the mass [think 1 g = 1 large paper clip] and/or length of objects [think 1 cm = width of pointer finger] and the best unit to use when measuring the mass and/or length.

F 9/21- all classes .... Study for Thursday's TEST.  The test will be based on the same information as the last two quizzes, in addition to density, and lab safety (study those rules!).  7th graders, will also be tested on inferences & observations.


Want to get ahead?  Prepare your Science Binder for Notebook Check #1 next week (it's due Thursday). I'll give you more details on the specific order of the various papers we have been doing, but until then you can make sure that your binder is organized with the 6 section dividers.  The names for each divider is listed on the Course Information Handout - first page of the "green sheet" which was given on the first day of school.  Don't know where it is?  Click here

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 Monday, 10 September 2007
Monday, 10 September 2007 18:53:20 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

M- 6th grade- Project #1; complete "Blowing the Big One" (both sides) lab from class.
       7th grade- Project #1 distributed, due Wed., 19th of Sept., complete the back of the Metric System handout from class.

T- 6th grade- Project #1 due Friday
    7th grade- Project #1 due next week, Wednesday

W-  6th grade- Project #1 due Friday
    7th grade- Project #1 due next week, Wednesday

R-6th grade- Project #1 due Friday
    7th grade- Project #1 due next week, Wednesday; blue Metric Prefix Meaning & Scientific Notation paper- decorate & finish

F 6th grade- Enjoy your weekend; finish parts 3 and 4 on Balance Lab
   7th grade- Project #1 due Wednesday; finish parts 3 and 4 on Balance Lab


Links to help with the 7th grade Project #1:

  • Search Google or another Internet search engine for "proverbs" or "sayings".  I found this, which has a number of them...  On it, do a search for "inch" or another non-metric unit.  Warning, the site does utilize pop up screens.
  • You can use Google's maps as a pedometer! This site is a tool that will tell you the distance between where you click on the map.  It is  GMaps Pedometer   To make this work,  you (1) need a newer Internet browser which will work with Google Maps, (2) type your start point in the "Jump to" box and select the zoom (for a map with street names, you will want a larger number such as 17).  (3)  click "start recording" and then double click on the locations, the map will recenter on each location.  There is an option for switching from English to Metric units.


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 Sunday, 02 September 2007
Sunday, 02 September 2007 15:49:40 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( Beginning of the Year )

M- Labor Day, no school.  Be sure to have signature papers from handbook for fifth period, and supplies.

T- 6th grade- finish calculations for frog jumping lab; give parents/guardians green lab donation paper
   7th grade- Tools of a Scientist (try to name a minimum of 12 tools; crossword puzzle on back is extra credit), give parents/guardians green lab donation paper

W-all- bring textbook home, send your parents & guardians to Back to School Night; lab fee donations accepted through next week (They're also appreciated)

To download and view Mrs. Fischer's Back To School Night presentation, click on the following link:  Back to School Night 07.pps (1.58 MB)
(You'll need to click the mouse for reach slide transition to occur.)

R-6th grade- Project 1: Tools of a Scientist "Important Book" directions were distributed today.  Due Friday, Sept. 14.  Quiz tomorrow on tools, measurement.
   7th grade- finish uses of tools worksheet from class (sort the tools from last nights homework into the usage categories; write the names, draw each of the tools)  Quiz tomorrow on tools, measurement.

F-6th grade- Tools of a Scientist Project 1 (continued)
   7th grade- Enjoy your weekend!



Websites useful for naming the tools:


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