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 Thursday, 27 December 2007
Thursday, 27 December 2007 14:01:50 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( '07 Jan Final Exam )

In terms of 6th grade topics, the science final is cumulative; topics we covered consist of measurement, tools of a scientist, layers of the Earth, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, cycles of earth (rock, water, carbon, nitrogen), rocks and minerals.  I'd say the best place for students to start studying is to do the word wise puzzles at the end of chapters 1 through 5 in the Prentice Hall workbook.  This will review vocabulary words from the chapters and earn bonus points if turned in on Tuesday.  To review tools and measurement, I believe that the Holt workbook has chapter 1 which goes through and talks about the tools and metric measurement.  (We did not use this book until recently, but it has a lot of useful information which I think may be a weak area for Students since these topics were part of the first Notebook check).  Focus on the measurement and tools sections from that chapter, along with the pages on Earth's Cycles from Holt. 

In terms of 7th grade topics
, science final is cumulative; topics we covered consist of measurement, tools of a scientist, cell structures and function (organelles and what they do), cellular process (such as photosynthesis, respiration, meiosis, mitosis), genetics, evolution & history of earth.  I'd say the best place for students to start studying is to do the word wise puzzles at the end of each chapter in the workbook.  Look at the extra credit list to see which will earn additional points if turned in on Tuesday.

For all students: 
Another studying option is to look over the various tests and quizzes we have taken (part of the reason for making students hang onto items for the Notebook checks).  Although I do not know the point value at this time, the final will not be worth more than 20% of the grade (I believe there is a district rule which limits the maximum final exam value being 20% of the semester grade).  The specific days for each final are listed on Science Calendar #3 (online or in your notebook) by period.

I will be allowing each student to use one 4 inch by 6 inch index card for notes on the final- I will be distributing the card the week we return and it is due Monday of Finals week  a few days before finals - see calendar for the specific date, it will be returned to students as they start their test.  Students could start working on typing information that they will put onto it - figure that it should include information from difficult word wise clues, information from questions which you missed on tests and quizzes.  For now, assume t The dimensions for the card will be 4 inches by 6 inches (front and back, no more) 3 inches by 5 inches - although this may increase, hence the suggestion for typing the information since it is easy to change the margins/dimensions for printingStudents may write/type/glue/tape information, vocabulary, diagrams, definitions, etc. onto both sides of the card.  Nothing may hang off of the card, nor be unsecured (I'll cut/tear off any flaps of paper that are unsecured or hanging over, lastly, the card must have the student's name in the upper right corner when it is turned in on the due date. 
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 Friday, 14 December 2007
Friday, 14 December 2007 11:45:35 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

M 12.17-6th grade-Work on Extra credit project (due Wed) if you are doing the project
7th grade- ch. 6 section 1 (read & workbook)  For those of you wishing to obtain the notebook check early, here is a draft (without point values) of assignments for 7th graders: 7.NotebookCheck3draft.pdf (39.28 KB)  See Tuesday's entry for final copy of 7th grade notebook check form with assignment point values. 

T 12.18-6th grade: Extra credit due tomorrow, prepare for Thursday's test & Friday's notebook check 6.NotebookCheck3f.pdf (40.35 KB)  List of items for notebook check given out, preliminary check done Wednesday in class, notebook must be ready for final check on Friday. 
7th grade- ch. 6 section 2 (read and workbook)  7.NotebookCheck3f.pdf (39.73 KB)

W 12.19-6th grade-study for tomorrow's test on ch. 3, 4, and Holt pages.
7th grade- ch. 6 section 3 (read and workbook)  Make sure notebook is ready for Friday's Notebook check.

 R 12.20- Make sure notebook is ready for tomorrow's Notebook check. 

F 12.21- Spend time with your family; do some extra credit if needed.  Handed out in class and/or download here: WinterBreakExtraCreditf.pdf (89.09 KB)

Happy Winter Break!  Enjoy the holidays! 

Happy New Year! Welcome back in 2008.  - week of 1.7 moved to its own entry

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 Monday, 10 December 2007
Monday, 10 December 2007 11:50:39 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

M 12.10- 6th grade- Holt "Interactive reader and study guide"  p. 63-70 (passed out today) read and answer questions directly on pages, do what it says.  Write directly into the booklet, brig back tomorrow.  6th grade Extra credit project distributed:  6.MiningProject.jpg (106.93 KB)  Extra credit project due the 19th of December.
7th grade- read and workbook ch. 5 sect. 1

T 12.11- 6th grade- Directed Reading A #1-39 (worksheets handed out at the end of class)
7th grade- read and workbook ch. 5 sect. 2

W 12.12-6th grade- Vocabulary and Section Summary B (basically completing all of the worksheets from last night), students had 5-10 minutes to start in class; the extra credit project is due next week, on Wednesday. 
7th grade- read and workbook ch. 5 sect. 3

R 12.13-6th grade-study this week's homework
7th grade- p. 126 #1-10, p. 158 # 1-10, p. 159 # 21.  Also, study for quiz on ch. 4 and 5 tomorrow (studying counts by doing the homework)

F 12.14 - Go for walk/ or exercise


Click on the "comments" for this week's entry for examples of specific mines.  You're welcome to select one from my list, or research another mine.
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 Sunday, 02 December 2007
Sunday, 02 December 2007 19:27:46 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

M 12.3-6th grade- ch. 3 end of chapter assessment p. 104 - 105 # 1-27, skip: 4, 17, 20, 21, 22, 26
7th grade- Bikini Bottom Genetics 2  

T 12.4-6th grade-study for tomorrow'Thursday's quiz; "What I got wrong and why" from ch. 1 and 2 test due by Friday.  I incorrectly marked #17, the correct answer is "A" if you marked "A" originally, on that problem, it will be re-scored electronically and I will be adding one point to your test grade. If you did not, your test grade may decrease by 1 point (if you marked B).  Update of grade should occur over the weekend.
7th grade- (on the back of today's paper) Write 1 paragraph justifying why the genotype of the grandfather fish could/could not be a “EE” for the trait. Finish illustrating the fish family for the trait you selected.

W 12.5-6th grade- Study for tomorrow's quiz on ch. 3 and "What I got wrong and why" from ch. 1 and 2 test (due by Friday)
7th grade-Bikini Bottom Genetics (Take Home) Quiz

R 12.6-6th grade- Finish the What I got wrong & why (due tomorrow) Plus: Bring workbook tomorrow- chapter 4 will be checked in class (that was last weeks homework).
7th grade-Genetics challenge worksheet (use ch. 3 and 4 end of chapter summaries to help you). Plus: Bring workbook tomorrow- chapter 4 will be checked in class (that was last weeks homework).

F 12.7- all classes- Sleep in! (or take a nap)

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