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 Saturday, 30 August 2008
Saturday, 30 August 2008 11:52:45 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( Beginning of the Year | Grades )

M 9.1- No school, but make sure you have your supplies/materials, and the completed packet (all 3 pages)

T 9.2- Sketch lab safety picture on 4"x4" square, use pencil, fill the entire square, in a corner record the rule that is being followed or broken

W 9.3- Back to School Night tonight, send the adult in charge of you to school.
(Unable to make it?  Unsure if you heard everything?  The .pdf file of the presentation is below- it'll take a little while to download since it's 8KB in size.)

R 9.4- Measurement papers

F 9.5- Sleep in on Saturday/Sunday.   IN CLASS TODAY 1st through 5th period: We made origami frogs to prepare for Monday's activity of Frog Jumping.  If you would like to practice making a frog at home, click here to link to origami frog directions. 6th period - due to Bronco Branding of 6th graders, we did not check homework (will do when enter Monday) and we'll do the jumping for homework Monday night.  Thank you!


Back to School Night F.Y.I.'s - It was great to meet everyone who was able to attend!

  • Late homework pink slips will be given out starting Friday, these require a parent/guardian signature.  Work still counts as being late (70% credit).
  • PIV is currently down, once it is available for parents to check grades online, there will be an email from the Bronco Bytes. 
  • 6th grade Textbook link under Navigator on left side of page has sample quizzes, tests, interactive tutorials 
  • Projects are not accepted late, if there has been an illness that has caused a student to be absent for most of the project, we should already be in contact regarding make up work. 
  • Students should spend 20 minutes on Science homework per night, please contact me if it's taking longer on a regular basis (obviously, projects are an average of 20 minutes, if a student postpones the project, and is not spreading out the work, there will be one or two nights with far more than 20 minutes of work).
  • Students are given time the first day of each week to write the entire weeks homework from the homework board; it is also posted here, online.  Assignments occasionally change mid-week due to schedule conflicts.
  • Homework is due as students enter the classroom.  This means, if the do not have it/ cannot find it, there will be a Late Homework Pink Slip given to your child for a parent/ guardian signature.
  • File to download: BackToSchoolNight20080903.pdf ( KB)
  • If you use an RSS feed reader, you can subscribe to this page and  the weeks work and announcements will be sent directly to you! It is amazing how technology can make things so easy!
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 Monday, 25 August 2008
Monday, 25 August 2008 18:25:21 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( Beginning of the Year )

M 8.25- No School

T 8.26- Read "Course Information" (quiz tomorrow- bring packet) & begin filling out packet given in class.  Completed packet & supplies are due Tuesday 9.2

Packet included following documents if you'd like to download the .pdf files, click links:

W 8.27- Read "Lab Safety Rules" (quiz tomorrow) & finish filling out packet given yesterday.  Completed packet & supplies are due Tuesday 9.2

R 8.28- Textbook p.1 (Scavenger Hunt) due Friday... use FCS (full complete sentences) or in WOTQ (write out the question)

F 8.29- Have all items above ready & complete for Tuesday. 


Announcements about the Course Information Quiz Quiz:

One time offer: If your student earned less than 100% on the "Course Information" quiz, he or she may retake the quiz on Friday 8/29 before (7:45-8:05) or after school (2:35-3:00).  There will be no other re-do or make up days for this quiz.  On future quizzes and tests, retakes will not be offered, so be sure to have your student restate the information & to check for understanding when helping them review information.  

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 Thursday, 07 August 2008
Thursday, 07 August 2008 05:43:01 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )
Hopefully the answer is "Soon, yes I'll be ready."
  • Welcome to Mrs. Zafiropoulous and Mr. Ross to the Sixth grade Science Team! 
  • Mrs. Zafiropoulous will also be teaching Robotics/Aviation in M-4 (extension 305).
  • Mr. Ross will also be teaching 7th grade Science in F-2 (extension 260).

A few quick announcements:

1. Our classroom has moved!  We are now M-1.  Mrs. Butler retired, we wish her many happy days of perfect bicycling weather this Fall as the rest of us begin an new school year.

2. Contact Mrs. Fischer by email: (I am checking this periodically over the summer)

3. To contact Mrs. Fischer by phone, the extension is 302.  (I am not checking this over the summer)

4. Required Supplies for the new school year:

  • binder with divided sections (one section reserved for Science) or a folder dedicated to work from Science
  • 3-hole punched lined paper (wide ruled vs. college ruled questions?  Go with what will allow your writing to be the best)
  • pencils for writing with (have some #2 pencils for tests; for daily use, can be any type)
  • ball point pens in blue and/or black, AND red (note: Since I generally use purple, green or pink to correct, I prefer that students do not use these colors for written work)

5. Useful (but not required) Supplies:

  • highlighters (will be used with reading and vocabulary work)
  • art supplies for at home (scissors, blank paper, stapler, glue/glue stick, markers/crayons/colored pencils - depends on your family circumstances, obviously, if there are little ones at home, you may not want markers in the house)

6. If you'd like to donate supplies, I would gladly accept the following items:

  • boxes of Kleenex/tissue for classroom would be greatly appreciated
  • non-permanent markers - Colorific markers (hard to find these days, but they last a really long time) or Crayola washable markers (thin or thick, these last a year and a half maximum) or Mr. Sketch markers --> a total of 8 boxes of markers should be more than enough for the school year
  • binder paper for the classroom
  • If there are other items that you think might be of interest?  Please let me know.
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