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 Friday, 20 February 2009
Friday, 20 February 2009 14:29:32 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

M 2.23- Read TB p. 252-258, do SciNB p. 59
Links from class:  1. Map of magnitude and depth of earthquakes.  2. Animation of seismic waves moving through earth's layers.

T 2.24- In SciNB p.60 "Summarize It" box, answer TB p. 258# 2, 3, 6. AND in SciNB p. 61"Summarize It" box, answer TB p. 258 # 4, 5, 8.
(We will do most of SciNB p. 60 and 61 in class, but if you have not finished them, complete them at home.)

W 2.25- Read TB p. 270-278, do SciNB p. 65.

R 2.26- In SciNB p.66 "Summarize It" box, answer Reading Checks on pages 271, 272, 274 AND in SciNB p. 67 "Summarize It" box, answer TB p. 278 # 3, 5.

F 2.27- Finish floor plan of house and labeling earthquake hazards.  Do SciNB p. 66 and 67.  (Some time in class will be given, but it will probably not be enough to complete them in class.)

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 Wednesday, 18 February 2009
Wednesday, 18 February 2009 06:53:27 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

M 2.16- No school   -   Happy President's Day Weekend!

T 2.17- No school   -   Happy President's Day Weekend!

W 2.18- Read TB p. 246-251, do SciNB p. 56.
Remember: Timeline with bibliography is due tomorrow; WIGWAY/Reflection due Friday.

R 2.19- Do SciNB p. 57 and at bottom of page do TB p. 251 #1, 3, and Visual Check p. 248.
Reminder: WIGWAY/Reflection due Friday.

F 2.20- Do SciNB p. 58 and at bottom of page do TB p. 251 #5, 8.
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 Monday, 09 February 2009
Monday, 09 February 2009 08:37:51 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

 M 2.9- Read TB p. 259-267,Do SciNB p. 62.

T 2.10- Do TB p. 267 # 1, 2, 3, 8 in SciNB p. 63 in "Summarize It" box.
Internet link to top 10 world wide earthquakes- note that this has not been updated; it does not include the large earthquakes which have occurred in the last 5 years.  This site also has a "Make a quake", "Gallery of Devastation and additional information!

W 2.11- Do SciNB p. 63, finish WIGWAY/Reflection (this part is due Friday) postponed
We started an Earthquake Timeline project in class today- it is due Thursday, Feb. 19.  If it is turned in early (by Friday, Feb. 13, students may earn extra credit). 

R 2.12- Do SciNB p. 64 (all),  finish WIGWAY/Reflection (this is due Friday) postponed

F 2.13- Make a list of items to put into a post-Earthquake Supply Kit


Note: Tissues for noses are desperately needed.  If you're able to send some in, the students will greatly appreciate the luxury.  Update: thank you to those who have already brought tissues to class.  We will always accept more.  :)

television video used in class for notes on earthquakes:

"Angry Earth Education." Naked Science. Writ. and Dir. Stuart Everett. 
         National Geographic. NTGEO, Washingtoon D.C.. 20 Nov. 2004.

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