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 Monday, 27 April 2009
Monday, 27 April 2009 06:12:18 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

 M 4.27 & T 4.28- Study for Friday's test on chapter 9. 
Read TB p. 588-594,
         Do SciNB p. 154-156. 
         Answer TB p. 594 # 1, 2, 3, 5 in SciNB p. 155 "Summarize It" box, and
         Answer TB p. 594 # 4, 7, 9 in SciNB p. 156 "Summarize It" box.
*(Reflection & WIGWAY for chapter 8 was started on binder paper today, the Reflection questions for this test are due Friday, 5.1 with the WIGWAY. )
      1. Were the results what you expected? Why or why not?
      2. What information did you find most difficult? Why?
      3. What information did you find easy to remember?  Why?
      After finishing Reflection start your WIGWAY.  (Copy Q, and correct A, explain why you got it wrong.)


W 4.29 & R 4.30- Study for Friday's test on chapter 9. 
        Read TB p. 595-605,
        Do SciNB p. 157 AND 158. (Notice: you are to skip SciNB p. 158 - this will be completed during the presentations from the project). 
        Answer TB p. 605 #1, 3, 6  SciNB p. 158 "Summarize It" box, and
        Answer TB p.605 # 4, 5, 8 in SciNB p. 159 "summarize" It box.
        Work on project distributed in class, due Tuesday May 19 for regular credit, or may be turned in early (Monday, May 18) for early extra credit.  (Eek! I was a week ahead of myself on this one.  The project will be distributed NEXT week.  The due date will be the same.  Sorry about that!

F 5.1- Read TB p. 607-613, do SciNBp. 160 and 163.  Early dismissal today (noon) - enjoy your 2.5 day weekend!

Online Link to NPR interview about mining for gold which I mentioned mentioned in class (open, then click"listen now")
       You can find out even more information by looking at January's National Geographic Magazine article, "The Real Price of Gold"

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 Monday, 20 April 2009
Monday, 20 April 2009 06:25:13 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

M 4.20- Answer TB p. 390 # 8, 10 and Reading Check p. 387 in SciNB p. 96, AND
            Answer TB p. 390 # 4, 5 in SciNB p. 97.
           Reminder: Online Extra Credit is due tomorrow!
(Absent? Checked and filled in details in SciNB p 95, 96)

T 4.21- Read TB p. 393-400, do SciNB p. 98, AND
            Answer TB p. 400 # 2,3 in SciNB p. 99.
(Absent?  Corrected last nights HW Q's in SciNB, and filled in p. 97 of SciNB with the diagram from TB p. 386, information from Figure 10's statement with specifics on the temperature at the equator, mid-latitudes, and polar regions due to the angle of the sunlight.  We also put together Mrs. F's concept map (handout you'll need) in partners regarding the importance of solar energy on Earth.  This was copied into the SciNB bottom of p. 97.)

W 4.22- Answer TB p. 400 # 1, 6, 9 in SciNB p. 100 AND
            Finish SciNB p. 99, 100.
(Absent? In class we corrected last night's HW, and filled in the top of p. 99 and 100, and made a link between math (a reciprocal is the inverse of a number or fraction) and when the atmosphere has an inversion in the troposphere the location of the hot air is flipped or inverted like the reciprocal is.)

R 4.25- Read TB p. 401-409, Do SciNB p. 101, 102.
(Absent? In class we watched a video, took a video quiz and went over the HW questions in the Summarize It box on p. 102)

F 4.26- Do TB p. 415 all (FCS/WOTQ), AND p. 416-417 # 1-10, 14 (FCS/WOTQ).


Announcements: April 26 is the end of the grading period.  Test on chapter 9 is on Friday, May 1 due to the state testing schedule next week. Next week we will be on block scheduling (to be posted).  The assigned homework will be worth 2 nights of work!

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 Wednesday, 08 April 2009
Wednesday, 08 April 2009 17:03:48 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

      Over break students may earn extra credit by doing the mini lab on p. 391 of our textbook  and completing the following write-up.  It is worth up to 25 points of extra credit, and is due Tuesday, April 21.  Work must be handwritten.  Below shows how to set up the paper which you will turn in (the procedure has been modified from the book's version.  After you finish conducting the activity, make some oatmeal or find a way to re-use the supplies so you do not waste the food.


Mini Lab: Why is the sky blue? (textbook p. 391)

Question: Why is the sky blue?

Hypothesis: (record a reason that you have heard or believe?)

Materials: working flashlight, opaque jar (or see-through glass), water, and milk


  1. Pour 1/2 cup water into the jar.
  2. Add 1/8 cup of milk to the jar. (Remember 1/8 cup = 1/2 of 1/4 cup or you can find out how many table spoons equals one cup and put in 1/8 of the number)
  3. Hold a flashlight above the jar so the light shines down into it.  Look into the glass from the side.  Record the color the liquid appears to be.
  4. Shine the flashlight from one side of the jar and look into from the other side.  Record the color the liquid appears to be.
  5. Shine the flashlight from the bottom of the jar and look in at the top.  Record the color the liquid appears to be.
  6. Add more milk into the jar (record the amount you added), repeat procedure # 3-5.
  7. Add more milk into the jar (record the amount you added), repeat procedure #3-5.


Data Table:


Amount of milk in jar
Color of liquid on side of glass when jar has ...

light from above

(drawing of set up)

 light on the side

(draw set up)

light from the bottom

(draw set up)

 1/8 cup
  1/8+___ cup(s)      
  1/8+___+___ cup(s)      








Conclusion: (answer the "Analysis" questions from p. 391 in full comeplete sentences which restate the questions)

Standard addressed: (copy the standard letter and explanation from p. 391) 

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 Tuesday, 07 April 2009
Tuesday, 07 April 2009 20:19:00 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

Some of you may have heard about the earthquakes which rocked Italy this week, causing L'Aquila and many other small villages to sustain major damage and numerous deaths.   Hopefully our families have had the opportunity to speak with each other regarding; although not graphic, the photos can be unsettling so parent supervision is reccomended if you'd like to look at the slideshow link which shows the earthquake's aftermath:


Also in the news, the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers (studied in the last chapter) were declared "endangered rivers"... click to see the news story:

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 Monday, 06 April 2009
Monday, 06 April 2009 07:20:23 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

 M 4.6-Read TB p. 382-390, do SciNB p.94.

T 4.7- Do SciNB p. 95, answer TB p. 390 # 9 and Visual Check p. 383 in "Summarize It" box

W 4.8- Do SciNB p. 96, answer TB p.p. 390 #8, 10 and Reading Check p. 387 in "Summarize It" box

R 4.9- Finish Foldable and extra credit Mini Lab from page 391 of textbook  (was announced on Thursday)

F 4.10- No school - enjoy Spring Break!!

    Week of April 13-17: Spring Break (there will be an extra credit option over the break which will be announced on Thursday in class)


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