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Reminder - 12:30 dismissal on the last day of school!
6th/7th grade Schedule for finals week starting June 8



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 Wednesday, 10 June 2009
Wednesday, 10 June 2009 19:19:55 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

Dear Families,

      It's been a wonderful year!  I'm impressed with how far we have come - and although rushed in the end, we DID make it through the textbook, thanks to your diligent efforts at home.  I've enjoyed teaching and learning with our students, and am looking forward to seeing everyone around campus next year as 7th graders!   Students:  A few of you have asked in class what percent of the grade the final ended up being - depending on your points possible.  At most, the final was worth 15.6%; for students with many possible points, it was worth up to 13.6% of the course grade.  Also, In case you find yourself feeling "bored" in a week from now (or before our short summer ends), check out the links to the left.  Some students have already discovered the online open heart surgery games that I've posted links to in past years (do a search of the site for those).  You could get ahead on the 7th grade material (it's biology - cell, genetics & DNA, human body and much more), the textbook publishers link: maybe even check out the 7th grade science teachers websites (Mr. Ross, Mrs. Fortino, & Mrs. Witt). Enjoy your summer.

             -Mrs. Fischer


By the way:  If you find yourself in August looking for something to do, send me an email.  I'll be looking for a few volunteers the week before school starts to help set up the classroom. Thank you in advance!

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 Friday, 05 June 2009
Friday, 05 June 2009 08:37:48 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

This information is in a handout which should go home this afternoon from 6th period teacher for students to give to their families. Please make sure your students bring a #2 pencil, their Science Notebook and Review Packet on the day of our Science Final.

Monday through Wednesday:

8:10    - Warning Bell
8:15- 10:01 - First final
10:01-10:13 - Break
10:13-11:54 - Second final (dismissal for students who do not take the school bus at 11:54)
11:54-12:15 - Lunch (School Bus arrival at 12:15)

 Monday - 1°, and 6°

Tuesday - 5° and 4°

Wednesday- 2° and 3°


8:10    - Warning Bell
8:15-8:53 - 1°
8:57-9:35 - 2°
9:39-10:17 - 3°
Break - 10:17-10:24
10:28-11:06 - 4°
11:10-11:48 - 5°
11:52-12:30 - 6° (dismissal for students who do not take the school bus is at 12:30)
Lunch - 12:30-1:00 (School Bus arrival at 1:00)
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