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 Monday, 28 September 2009
Monday, 28 September 2009 08:23:32 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

M 9.28- Read TB p. 124-130, do SciNB p. 22, add words "radiates", "matter"

Absent Monday? In "Reading Essentials" workbook p. 23-25, read, highlight, anwer questions and make foldable.

T 9.29- Answer TB p. 130 # 3, 7 in SciNB p. 23, and answer TB p. 130 # 5, 8 in SciNB p. 24 - FCS, RSQ for all; Finish WIGWAY , Reflection before Friday.

Absent Tuesday? Did SciNB p. 23 and 24 as notes- talk to someone from class to help you get the pages filled in (or you'll be doing it on your own using the textbook), and did worksheet titled: Chapter 3 lesson 1 Mastery & Reinforcement: Forms of Energy" click to download: 6.3.1-FormsOfEnergyReview.pdf (211.58 KB)

W 9.30- Read TB p. 131-137, do SciNB p. 25, parent signature on Grade Report

Absent Wednesday? Corrected front side of yesterday's worksheet on Forms of Energy, returned all of the papers, homework checks, Test #1 and Project #1 grading information.  Distributed the "Reflection & Wigway" with the Grade Report for parent signature on other side of the paper.  The Grade Report/Reflection & Wigway is due Friday completed with parent/guardian signature.

R 10.01- Answer TB p. 137 # 4, 5 in SciNB p. 26 and answer TB p. 137 # 2, 3, 7, 9 in SciNB p. 27 - FCS, RSQ for all.

Absent Thursday? Corrected back of "Forms of Energy", corrected SCINB p. 23, 24 homework questions in Summarize It boxes, copy top of SciNB p. 26 about work from board, as time permitted, we played a game of classroom game of "Pictionary" or "Charades" with examples of various forms of energy.

F 10.02- Read TB p. 139-143, do SciNB p. 28.

Absent Friday?  We had an assembly schedule (shortened periods), Collected Grade Report/ Reflection/ WIGWAY, BNSG: Energy Notes to go with Bill Nye video viewed in class.

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 Monday, 21 September 2009
Monday, 21 September 2009 07:21:21 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

M 9.21- Study for test on Thursday - covers ch. 1 (all), and ch. 2 lesson 3.  (HINT: make flash cards about the different maps and layers of Earth)

Absent Monday? Turn in the Homework Check due today, write HW for the week.  We watched a video clip but unfortunately I cannot link it here.

T 9.22- Finish J.C.E. layers 1 and 2, study for Thursday's test (HINT: have a family member quiz you using past homework assignments)

Absent Tuesday? Get the Journey to the Center of the Earth page from Mrs. Fischer and complete it at home.

W 9.23- Finish J.C.E. layers 3 and 4, study for tomorrow's test (HINT: use the end of chapter review pages in textbook and online textbook website to quiz yourself ... be sure to look up information to check your knowledge.  Link to chapter 1   Link to chapter 2 lesson 3

Mrs. Z created a game you could use to review Earth's Layers.  Click here to play!

Absent Wednesday? Get the Journey to the Center of the Earth, the second page, from Mrs. Fischer and complete it at home.

R 9.24- Class participation self-evaluation

Absent Thursday?  You'll need to arrange a time with Mrs. Fischer to make up the test.  Be sure to get the homework from Mrs. Fischer

F 9.25- Have a fantastic weekend!

Absent Friday? Complete the linked file (click to download: MostKidsGCSEenergyNa.pdf (43.92 KB)) using  "Most Kids Hate Learning GCSE Energy Names" video clip shown in class, you'll have to think of a second examples for each type of energy.   (Yes, it was from YouTube, so parental supervision is needed if you'd like to view the video again and/or any links you think you'd like to follow from YouTube.)
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 Tuesday, 15 September 2009
Tuesday, 15 September 2009 06:50:10 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

M 9.14- Project #1 (due Wednesday) - should work on for half an hour (or study & review classwork if finished with the project)

Absent Monday?  In class we wrote the homework for the week, measured line segments on "A Measurement Code" using centimeter units, and used a map scale to convert map distances to air distance on "Mapping The United States".  10-15 minutes of class time were also dedicated working on Project #1 which was distributed on Friday.  (it is avaiable for download by looking at the work from the 11th of September.

T 9.15- Project #1 (due tomorrow)  - should work on for half an hour (or study & review classwork if finished with the project)

Ablsent Tuesday?  In class we read the Reading Essentials workbook p. 20-22, copied notes into the SciNB p. 18 and then watched a short video clip on the layers of Earth (link to video clip - to click on this you MUST have your parents/guardian supervision while looking at this link which is on YouTube or anything else that is on the page) and had 10-15 minutes to work on Project #1.

W 9.16- Answer TB p. 108 # 3, 6, 8 Stadards Check in SciNB p. 19 - FCS, RSQ

Absent Wednesday?  In class students turned in Project #1, read TB p. 102-108 , and did SciNB p. 17 and 19.

R 9.17- Do TB p. 115 # 1-5, p. 116-117 # 7, 8, 9, 10, 13.  (on binder paper; RSQ or WOTQ)

Absent Thursday? Corected last night's HW, completed the "Taping the Surface" activity & the "Plan for Descriptive Writing on Layers" worksheet.  Click to download: LayersofEarthDescriptiveWritingPage.pdf (31.82 KB)

F 9.18- Homework & Classwork Check (this week, last week) on Monday; finish all work.

Absent Friday? Corected last night's HW, read TB p. 254-257, viewed short video clip on the discovery of the inner core (click to view), and we did TB p. 109 Math Activity, distributed Homework Check #3, click to download: HWCheck3.pdf (98.66 KB)

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 Tuesday, 08 September 2009
Tuesday, 08 September 2009 10:49:52 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

M 9.7- Happy Labor Day!  No School (make sure you attempted p. 6 and 7 in SciNB over the long weekend)
Neat animation that zooms in from the universe down to protons and neutrons.  Check it out by clicking the link!

T 9.8- TB p. 69 # 1-13, use FCS, Write Out the Question (WOTQ) - do this on binder paper;
   Make sure homework assignments in Homework Check #2 is ready to be checked tomorrow in class.  Note: NEVER remove pages from the SciNB

Absent Tuesday?  We wrote the assignments which will be checked in HW Check #2 (click to download list of assignments: HWCheck2.pdf (75.17 KB)), went over where to find some of the information in the textbook for SciNB p. 6 and 7 as well as went over a few of the problems.  Note: Natural features are the same as Physical features for our purposes; Contacts are where two or more rock formations meet.

W 9.9- TB p. 70-71 # 1-10, 12, 17-22, use FCS, WOTQ - do this on binder paper   (Need help on # 17-22 ? Textbook p. 63 has an example of how to slolve these problems!)  Note:  turns out that the page is not helpful in solving # 20, 21, and 22 nor was there time in class to go over these problems in class before they were assigned.   As a result, # 20-22 will count as an advanced learner bonus in the next Homework Check if work is shown and answers are correct)

Absent Wednesday?  We corrected last nights homework and did the Homework Check #2 in class.  Make sure I recieve the two worksheets and your SciNB so I can check them over and give you credit.

R 9.10- Topographic Map Assessment

Absent Thursday? Pick up a copy of the packet distributed in class, "Topographic Map Rules".  Read through the notes, fill in the blanks, and follow the directions to complete the topographic mapping pages and assesssment.

F 9.11- Enjoy the weekend!

Absent Friday? We started "Project #1 - Topographic Maps" (click to download assignment:  6.TopographicMapProect.pdf (21.97 KB)) it is due on Wednesday, 9/16.  I do not accept projects late so if the student is also absent on Monday, 9/14, email me immediately so we can make arrangements for turn-in.  Students can turn in the project early (before the 16th) for 5 points of extra credit - students submitting incomplete maps will not be able to earn the bonus.

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