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Homework Week of Aug. 30, 2010
Homework Week of Aug. 23, 2010
Homework Week of Aug. 16, 2010
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 Monday, 30 August 2010
Monday, 30 August 2010 14:36:07 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

Note: Assume the assignment is due the next day unless otherwise stated.

M 8.30- Read TB p. 48-52, do SciNB p. 2 (use pen)

T 8.31- Finish SciNB p. 3, 4 and answer TB p. 52 # 4, 6 in SumIt boxes of SciNB (use FCS, RSQ for these questions)

W 9.01- Mapping Worksheet

R 9.02- Part 2 Mapping Worksheet

F 9.03- Organize your binders, folders, backpack.  Have parent/guardian sign to verify completion in your planner.  (Note: today's classwork of tracking a hurricane using latitude and longitude is NOT homework, hopefully we will finish it on Tuesday in class; enjoy your 3 day weekend!)

There are a number of hurricanes & future hurricanes (tropical storms & depressions) being tracked in the Atlantic Ocean this week, including Hurricane Earl.  Since we've been learning about latitudet & longitude ... I changed our plan for today so we could bring up these current events which our famalies might be hearing about in the news!

Link about Hurricane tracking from class (National Hurricane Center; has a number of up-to-date maps showing variety of maps related to tracking these storms):

Link to thermal satellite image with ocean temperatures from class:
found though a Google search for "water temperature ocean"

One more Earth Science topic "in the news":  Volcano in Indonesia is becoming active again after 400 years of sitting there quietly!  Link to news story on NPR... check it out!

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 Monday, 23 August 2010
Monday, 23 August 2010 13:01:10 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( Beginning of the Year | Back to School Night )

Note: Homework listed is for the night that it is listed.  Assume the assignment is due the next day unless otherwise stated.

M 8.23- Measurement Skills - Measuring Liquid Volume (handout- front only)

T 8.24- Finding Mass with a Balance (back side of Measurement skills handout)

W 8.25- Send parents to school tonight @ 6:30 for Back to School Night  (Click link to download information from Back to School Night:  FischerB2SNHandout.pdf (175.4 KB) )

R 8.26- Measurement Skills - Length & Temperature (handout, both sides)

F 8.27- Organize your binder, folders & backpack.  Parent signature in planner required.


5°/SSR this week:  Bronco Attitudes - links to Sesame Street video & music related to the daily Bronco Attitude:

Monday - Cooperation

Tuesday - Honesty

Wednesday - Self Confidence

Thursday - Respect

Friday - Responsibility 

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 Friday, 13 August 2010
Friday, 13 August 2010 12:48:40 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

M 8.16- Read & sign green papers, get supplies (they are listed in the green papers that were handed out today and are due Wednesday),
          also: check & update emergency forms (return to first period teacher)

Course Description & Expectations 2010-11- contains list of materials needed for class!  FischerCourseDescription10.11.pdf (146.58 KB)

Bret Harte Lab Safety Rules (two pages)  (still need to upload)

Student Data Sheet / Science Permission & Information Slip (two pages)  (still need to upload)

T 8.17- homework is same as yesterday (may not have been written in first period due to timing)

W 8.19- Do "Tools of a Scientist" (2 sides), use TextBook p. 7-17 to help.  (Note: if time was used wisely, students might have finished this in class.  Textbooks were distributed today in class, they should be kept at home until collected at the end of May;)
            -Lab donation (information distributed on a 1/2 sheet of green paper)
            -Finish classwork: Following Directions (both sides) - on the front,
                    please have your student re-do the front of this assignment if there are a lot of markings
                     on the front while reading the directions aloud (this assignment is all about following directions)

R 8.20- Do "Rules & Tools" .... can click link to download additional copy: RulesAndTools.pdf (63.85 KB)
            -Lab donation if not already taken care of
            -Note: we went over the Following Directions paper from yesterday, if the front side has a lot of markings,
               please have your student erase and redo the front of this assignment while reading the directions aloud
              (this assignment is all about following directions)

F 8.21- Organize your papers and backpack, binder(s) / folders.  Requires a parent/gaurdian signature in the planner to verify that this has been done.

Clear your calendars! Back to School Night is the evening of Wednesday, August 25th.  Fifth period teachers will be giving students more information at the beginning of the second week of school.




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Friday, 13 August 2010 12:47:34 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

Here are the papers that will be distributed for Science class during the first week of school ... click links (once available) to download.

Course Description & Expectations 2010-11 (two pages) - contains list of materials needed for class!

FischerCourseDescription10.11.pdf (146.58 KB)

Bret Harte Lab Safety Rules (two pages)

(still to come)

Student Data Sheet / Science Permission & Information Slip (two pages)

(still to come)



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