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 Monday, 26 September 2011
Monday, 26 September 2011 10:32:27 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

Monday HW:  

6th grade: Finish large scale drawing AND ch 1 quiz reflection/WIGWAP (all due Tuesday)
7th grade: answer ch 1 lesson 3 questions (TBp. 72 # 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, AND p. 79 # 12-17, (and AdVanced Learner bonus questions: p. 72 # 9, 11) 
           & there will be a ch 1 quiz on Wednesday/Thursday this week.

Tuesday HW:

6th grade: Reading Essentials workbook p. 9-12: Read, highlight main ideas & answer questions; skip the foldable.
7th grade: Answer TB p. 80 #1-13, AND p. 82 # 1-13.

Wednesday HW:

6th grade: Answer TB p. 84 # 3, 4, 6, (and AdVanced Learner bonus question #5).  If additional time remains, work on Uplift vs. Erosion Foldable (due Friday, 9/30).
7th grade: Study for chapter 1 test tomorrow.  Covers the following 7th grade Science standards: 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 2e, 7a, 7d (see list in front of Reading Essentials workbook disributed today in class for specific topic details)

 Thursday HW:

6th grade: finsih foldable on Uplift & Erosion, finish review sheet (had most of class Thursday to work on these)
7th grade: finish coloring "Beling Alive" - the sheet that shows how the rabbit, plant and rock have (or do not have) all of the characteristics which are shared by living things.

Friday HW:

6h grade: Relax
7th grade: chapter 1 assessment Reflection/WIGWAP (students had at least 15 minutes to start this in class)

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 Sunday, 18 September 2011
Sunday, 18 September 2011 21:02:47 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

 Monday Homework:

6th grade: Finish classwork (TBp. 69, 71, 72-73) & study for ch 1 quiz on Thursday or Friday. 

(below are answers so you can check classswork & start with studying.  Exact date of quiz depends upon when I return from being ill.)

7th grade: Finish classwork: 7.1.2part1b.pdf (72.78 KB)

Tuesday Homework:

6th grade: Plot latitude & longitude for Hurricane Hugo (started in class)
7th grade: Finish coloring (animal & plant cells)

Wednesday Homework:

6th grade: Study chapter 1 - quiz on Friday
7th grade: Read textbook p. 64-66, AND Do "Reinforcement Cells" worksheet

Thursday Homework:

6th grade: Finish tiny picture
7th grade: Finish classwork (both sides of review sheet started in class after your group finished the poster.)

Friday Homework

6th grade: We will finish the large picture as the homework Monday night, however you are welcome to work on it over the weekend so you have less homework next week.
7th grade: finish classwork (Read TB p. 68-72, complete handout started in class, both sides)

6th grade Answers:  p. 69: 1 & 2. latitude and longitude,   3. (map) legend, 4.  geologic (map), 5. geologic formations (or rock types, faults is not a complete enough answer to be correct), 6. topographic maps, 7. contour lines, 8. map view or plan view, 9. map legend, 10. latitude, 11. contour lines, 12. topographic, 13. geologic. 
p. 71 - 1. A, 2. C (some might say this is a topgraphic relief map however that is not a "view" used in maps), 3. A, 4. A, 5. B, 6. C, 7. CandD, 8. B (hint: contact is where different types of rock touch; if the rock has been broken, it is due to a fault; a depositional contact usually happens where a river ran through), 9. C (sort of D but it asks what it primarly shows).
p. 72-73- 1. B, 2, C, 3. C (D is too big), 4. C (has contour lines closest together), 5. C, 6. D (notice as it crosses the contour lines, the contour lines are pointing up hill), 7. A, 8. D, 9. B (regular geologic maps show rock layers just below the surface; topographic maps would show elevations not rock formations), 10. B (they say orientation so they're asking for the position of the coal below the surface, whcih means they want to know how deep the coal is below the surface), 11. C (have to go from the peak of the mountain when looking at the contour lines; bad map for two reasons: numbers are not directly on the contour ilnes making it difficult to read, and it gives the impression that geologic formations would be shown on a topographic map), 12. C.

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 Sunday, 11 September 2011
Sunday, 11 September 2011 19:01:38 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

I'm home sick on Monday & Tuesday & Wednesady & through Friday.

Homework for all periods:

Monday night Tuesday night Wednesday night do this Thursday night for Friday
Friday night

6th grade:

Finish p. 1 of Topographic map packet (yes, very little remains to be done) AND make sure the rest of the packet is complete.

7th grade:

Be sure to complete class work from Friday...

-definitions of vocabulary from TB p. 44,
-completed both sides of Microscope World and identifying the parts of a microscope and their functions

Finish work started in class (.pdf file below for download)

6th grade work (1 page with work to be done on the back):
6.Work9.13ch1les1.pdf (72.47 KB)

7th grade work (2 pages or 1 front/back):
 7.Work9.13ch1les1.pdf (94.78 KB

6th grade: finish work started in class, need a copy? below...

6.LatLongWS1.pdf (103.93 KB)

7th grade: work for 30 minutes on your mini poster on the ways that cells use water.  Should have started in class unless the dipole magnet demo went longer. Directions/ Requirements are listed below. 



Finish classwork

6th grade- a second latitude /longitude mapping sheet.

7th grade-  molecules of life coloring sheet(s)

Finish classwork

6th grade: a third latitude/longitude mapping sheet
LatLongwsPart3.pdf (103.92 KB)

7th grade: beginning of ch 1 lesson 2:
Friday7thGrade.pdf (64.81 KB)

7th grade Directions: Make a mini poster above (or on the back) about the ways that cells use water.  Below are the requirements:


___/ 8 points --examples of the ways that water is used by the cells of living things (or around the cells) must include these words (or forms of the words) in examples: dissolve, insulate, homeostasis, transport, 67%.

___/ 4 points –label and illustrate each example (may be drawn by hand, but could be printed or a cut out)

___/ 4 points –one illustration shows a water molecule with its dipole (think of the red & white Mickey Mouse H20 magnets ... TB p. 53 Figure 8 has an example illustration that would be useful if you were out today)

___/ 2 points – give it a title & your name as author

___/ 4 points -- colorful

___/ 4 points -- organized & neatly completed (accurate spelling expected)

___/ 4 points – used class time wisely

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 Tuesday, 06 September 2011
Tuesday, 06 September 2011 13:56:23 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

Homework for all periods:

Monday night Tuesday night Wednesday night do this Thursday night for Friday
Friday night

all classes:  No school

 6th grade: Read textbook (TB) p. 54-57, answer Standards Check questions #3, 7 on p. 61, AND question on p. 55 in Figure 7 (starts with the word Explain)    Reminder: lab donation

7th grade: Read TB p. 10-11, create a flow map with the steps for using a microcscope.

all classes: Finish classwork

6th graders: Read TB p. 58-61, answer Standards Check questions # 5, 1 (use a double bubble) from p. 61.

7th graders: Finish classwork

all classes: Finish classwork 


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