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Plate Tectonics and Earthquake Links



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 Tuesday, 30 October 2012
Tuesday, 30 October 2012 09:19:18 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

 M 10.29-

6th- color illustrations in today's thinking map (showing the uses of salt) and add a sentence summarizing the importance of salt

7th- finish Bill Nye Science guy questions using complete sentences

T 10.30-

6th- finish procedure # 8 in rock cycle game

7th- follow coloring key to shade DNA & study with study guide (HINT!!!)

W  10.31-

Have a happy & safe Halloween!  6th graders - Bring in 3  fun size layered bars

R 11.01-

6th- Use TB p. 102-108, do SciNB p. 17

7th- Finish questions from DNA replication activity (there are 6 questions total)

F 11.02- Set your clocks back 1 hour Saturday --> Sunday.


Note: The late work deadline was Oct. 31, it will take me about 2 additional weeks to grade and enter the assignments.  As a result, the improved scores on the late assignments will not make it into the gradebook until mid-November (after the second grading period has already ended).  The grades will be entered though before the semester ends.

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 Monday, 22 October 2012
Monday, 22 October 2012 10:49:21 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

M 10.22-

all students - take care of missing/ late assignments ... October 31 will be here before you know it!

T 10.23-

6th- use TB p. 95-97 to finish SciNB p. 15 AND answer TB p. 101 # 1, 5, 9 in Sum It box of SciNB p. 15

7th- Finish SciNB p. 14, 15 and Reflection/WIGWPay for ch 1 lesson 3

W 10.24-

all students- Catch up on late /missing work (warning: SciNB will be checked soon for completeness & must be done in pen!)
         7th graders also be sure you finished the coloring from class on the mitosis diagram.

R 10.25-

6th- Use TB p. 98-101, do SciNB p. 16, answer TB p. 101 #8 in Summarize It box.

7th- Complete packet (coloring too) - and be sure you answered the questions at the end of the mitosis activity.

F 10.26-

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 Monday, 15 October 2012
Monday, 15 October 2012 10:25:25 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

 M 10.15-

6th- Use TB p. 86-92 to do SciNB p. 14 (in Summarize It box, answer Visual Check Question on TB p. 98, and p. 101 #3 - use sentences that restate the questions)
and study for tomorrow's quiz on chapter 2 lesson 1 (landforms)

7th- Read TB p. 70-71, complete SciNB p. 11 (in Summarize It box, answer TB p. 72 # 3, 8, 11 - use sentences that restate the questions)

T 10.16-

6th- Definitions on SciNB p. 13, also define the following four vocabulary terms: ore, gem, grain, Mohs hardness scale on the same page.

7th- Finish SciNB p. 10 (in Summarize It box, answer TB p.70 Visual Check and TB p. 72 # 1, 6 - use sentences that restate the questions))

W 10.17-

6th- Reflection & WIGWPay for ch 2 lesson 1 quiz

On binder paper, answer TB p. 72 # 4, 6, 9, 10 and TB p. 79 # 12-17 FCS, RSQ for all.

R 10.18-

6th- make flow maps for identifying galena, talc and one other mineral (there should be a total of 3 flow maps WITH frame sentences for each)

7th- study for quiz tomorrow - ch 1 lesson 3, use study guide!

F 10.19-

6th grade- bring a rock

7th- take care of missing/ late assignments ... October 31 will be here before you know it!

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 Monday, 08 October 2012
Monday, 08 October 2012 09:31:41 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

 M 10.8-

6th- Read textbook p. 74-79, finish SciNB p. 11, and answer TB p. 84 # 3 in Summarize It box of SciNB p. 11 (use FCS, RSQ)

7th- ch 1 lesson 2 Reflection & WIGWPaY 


6th- Read textbook p. 80-84, do SciNB p. 12 (and answer TB p. 84 # 4, 6 in Summarize it box of SciNB - use FCS, RSQ)

7th- Make a brace map and a double bubble map from today's notes (do these on the cover of the packet handed out today - later we will be working on the rest of the packet this week in class and at home)

W 10.10-

6th- On the back of today's video notes, complete the right half of the  worksheet (titled "Chapter Content Mastery" has # 1-12)

7th- Packet page titled "Cell Processes" (#1-6), and back side # 8-12.

  R 10.11-

6th- left side of pink page from today/yesterday AND reminder, there will be a quiz on chapter 2 lesson 1 early next week

7th- use TB p. 68-72 to define vocabulary in SciNB p. 9

F 10.12- 

6th- study for chapter 2 lesson 1 quiz (will be Monday or Tuesday) and enjoy your weekend!   (Review sheet provided in class today)

7th- organize your backpack, refill your supplies (red, black, blue pens, pencils, binder paper...) and enjoy your weekend!

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 Monday, 01 October 2012
Monday, 01 October 2012 02:17:10 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( plate tectonics | earthquakes )

IRIS recent earthquake map:

You can click on the map to see a more specific area. 


USGS map of recent Earthquakes:

Notice that above the map, you can adjust where the location (world, US, California...) by clicking on the locations.  On the left side of the screen, you can also change the data feed - that means you can click on the drop down menu and show earthquakes that are from the last 30 days instead of just the last 7 days.  If you scroll lower on the page, you can also change the magnitude of the earthquakes shown on the map.  Look at the California map, what does the line indicate that cuts through part of Califoria?  Describe where most of the earthquakes are located.


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