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 Tuesday, 18 December 2012
Tuesday, 18 December 2012 08:08:48 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

Hi Everyone!

I hope your finals are going well.  I too am learning new things and teaching my parents all sorts of important lessons this past week (like to ALWAYS bring a change of clothes when we go out in the car seat along with more than 2 diapers ... I will tell you a little about THAT when I talk about the wonders of my car seat.)  Thank you for all of the nice welcome notes on the banner!  I might be ready to share Mommy with you starting in Feburary.  I wrote about my first week on the outside with Mommy and Daddy.  Since I am only a week old, I hope it all makes sense and please do not expect my spelling to be perfect.  (Mommy is a little too tired for me to ask her to proof read my work at the moment).  Have a wonderful rest of the week and Winter Vacation.  I will try to talk Mommy into posting some more of my adventures over your vacation on her web site, but I am keeping her and Daddy pretty busy!  They have done dishes and laundry more often in the last week than they used to do in a month!  (To think I have only been home for a few days!)

     :)  Nora

  Miss Nora's Adventures - week 1


Monday 12/10/12- Born this morning - a litle late for the first period classes (at 8:47), but I was still early (sort of)  because I was due 12/11 instead.  I was 6 pounds and 20 inches long.  Here I am with Mommy when I was 2 hours old ...  She promised me some early extra credit if I arrived before my due date!  I think I will collect it when I am a teenager!  Oh, and met Mommy's parents today, and over heard Daddy talking with his parents. 


Tuesday and Wednesday - I had a touch of Jaundice which is very common and needed a special light under my back to help get my liver to "wake up" (at least that is what Mommy told Daddy) ... my parents started calling me "our little glow worm" and for those of you that are sci-fi fans, you might say I looked a bit like an alien (especially with the tube that had to come out of my onsie behind me (it is in Daddy's right hand here).  Got to meet even more people - met more Grandparents (Daddy's parents) and my Great Aunt!  All of my nurses are very kind and have been teaching my parents a lot!

Thursday night - Came home and got settled in with help from my Great Aunt, and Grandparents. 

(But wait!  There's more ... you might have to scroll down for more pictures if it seems to end here)

Friday - I surprised Mommy and Daddy with a couple new tricks today - First we had a doctor's appointment for me (my 1 day home check up) and after they let the doctor's lab poke me with a needle and it made me cry a lot.  Don't worry, I got them back as soon as they tried to put me into my carseat.  That was my first diaper explosion!  Mommy and Daddy are now calling Friday my Poo-tastic day! (I gave Mommy and Daddy a few other adventures as well today.  I just have to say that they will never look at brownie batter in the same way again. 

The other trick I showed off was my wiggling skills ... I wanted it to be darker so I could take a nap and I wiggled myself so that my eyes were under the blanket and formed a great cave to rest my eyes under.  To test their hypothesis  that I was trying to find shade for my eyes, they pulled me back from the blanket, and I repreated my wiggle maneuver ... I made my parents smile and laugh.  I heard them say "she definitly takes after us!"  I was just demonstrating one of the characteristics of living things for Mommy's 7th grade classes.  I also started sleeping for 10 minutes at a time in my crib to give Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma's arms a bit of a rest. 


Saturday- Daddy and I had Tummy Time.  It helps me to start developing my arm, torso, head, neck and leg muscles.  It also helps my brain to develop.  The only thing is, I am so young that I must always be supervised and can only start out having Tummy Time in for a very short amount of time before it becomes too much for me.  Daddy is keeping me entertained and safe here on the blanket that is spread out on the floor!


Sunday - we went for my first ride in the stroller, and my first outside walk.  We only went a few houses down, but I found out that I really like moving in the fresh air.  If my stroller stopped, I would fuss.  (Did I mention that I am not a fan of my car seat?  So far each time I have let my parents know very quickly!  As soon as they bucklet me up and have checked to make sure I am correctly buckled in, I create a present for them and that gets me a little quick freedom on the changing table!  (My freedom does not last long though because we usually have to go back into the car seat afterwards.) 


Monday 12/17- I am now 1 full week old!  I continue to amaze Mommy and Daddy with my awsomeness!  I can now sleep in my crib for 2 to 3 hours a few times each day (if I have been put to bed in just the right way!).  I will work on building up to 4 hours this week!  Oh and Daddy tried to remove the infant insert that came with my car seat and found out that I am way too small to be without one at this point.  Mommy is very glad they bought a car seat that came with the insert because it is a must have!

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