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 Friday, 30 August 2013
Friday, 30 August 2013 06:55:16 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

1. Welcome to Mrs. Fischer's web page!

2. Log into Portal from Bret Harte's web page ... go to "Class Schedule", then select one of you classes to see if your teacher has entered any assignments! 

3. Use the gMap Pedometer link (below) to measure the distance you walk between 1° and 2° (if you have additional time, you can then measure how far you walk each day at Bret Harte during each of the passing periods).


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 Tuesday, 20 August 2013
Tuesday, 20 August 2013 12:36:35 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( ) (Science or Health related topics)



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 Tuesday, 13 August 2013
Tuesday, 13 August 2013 11:20:37 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) ( )

Paper copies of these documents will be distributed during the first week(s) of school to all students.  An electronic copy may be downloaded and printed by clicking on each underlined link.

Course Description and Expectations (a.k.a. Green Sheet; stays in binder)

 FischerCourseDescription13-14.pdf (159.97 KB)

Bret Harte Science Student Lab Safety Contract (stays in binder)

 to be uploaded

Science Permission and Information Slip/Student Data Sheet (to be turned in) 

UpdatedStudentDataSheet.pdf (168.45 KB)

Bret Harte now has a Twitter account! Follow us @BHMSBroncos

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